Hawaiian style floral design

When planning any kind of tropical, exotic, or Hawaiian event, you need to have the right d├ęcor. Flowers are the best way of creating and emphasizing the theme of this kind of party and, the best part of all, is that you don’t need a lot of flowers or supplies to make this design yourself!

What you need:

– Frangipani blossoms

– Ti leaves

– Elastic bands

– Ribbon

– A pair of sharp scissors


The first thing you need to do is decide whether you want pink or white flowers. Depending on the overall colour scheme of the event, you will need to make sure that pink flowers will not clash with the overall theme. If you are concerned about colours clashing, you can always play it safe with white. Regarding the number of flowers you need, this will depend on how large you want your bouquet to be.

  • You will need enough Ti leaves to surround the arrangement and great a lush base. Just like your flowers, you will need more leaves for larger bouquets and less if your bouquet is smaller.

  • Start by gathering your blossoms one by one. Start with the middle of your design and spiral outwards to create a beautiful ball of flowers.

  • Once you are happy with the way the flowers are arranged, it’s time to use an elastic band to secure the stems together. This will ensure that your flowers stay in place while you prepare your Ti leaves.

  • Add your Ti leaves and fold them over. This step might require a couple of extra hands since these leaves are quite long and you will need to fold them over about two or three times. The ends of the leaves should stick out the sides of the arrangement.

  • Use another elastic band to secure the leaves to the stems of the flowers.

  • Now you can use your ribbon to conceal the elastic bands while adding some more colour and texture.

  • Keep your bouquet in water until you plan on using it. If you want to use this as a table decoration, you can simply leave the ribbon off and place in a vase. When the event is over, a guest from each table can take home a bouquet.