Should you use a vase or floral foam

When you need to choose between arranging flowers in a vase or a piece of floral foam, you might not know how to decide. Your needs as well as your personal taste will be the main factors to consider when making your decision since each option has its pros and cons. No matter which option you choose, your florist will be able to create a stunning floral display. The only thing you need to do is figure out which one you prefer.

Starting with vases, this is one of the more popular options because the vase can be reused. Vases also come in all shapes and sizes which means that you can always find something suitable. Smaller flowers need a smaller vase while larger flowers are best displayed in larger vases. The longer the stems, the taller the vase needs to be. If you are decorating a small space, you will need a smaller vase. For example, if you have a limited area on your desk at work, you might be better off with a bud arrangement rather than a full bouquet.

As for floral foam, you can choose the size you want but it will need to be placed in or on a waterproof container or tray. The foam needs to be soaked in water and your flowers and foliage must be inserted stem by stem. The foam can be quite stiff so each stem needs to be trimmed at an angel for easier insertion. If you want to make sure that the tray is concealed, you will need to add foliage and filler flowers around the edge which means that your arrangement will extend further and this means that it is larger than your average vase arrangement. Well, in diameter at least. If you want to use a stylish container along with floral foam, you should make sure that the container is not transparent or it will not prove visually pleasing.

Regarding costs, foam usually costs less if your florist does not include a free vase. In addition, the larger and the more detailed the vase, the more it is likely to cost. Maintaining a vase arrangement means changing the water, trimming the stems every few days, and monitoring for any bacterial growth in the vase water. Arrangements displayed in floral foam will only need to have their water replenished. In other words, when you notice that the foam is drying out, it’s time to add more. The foam will soak up the water slowly so don’t pour too quickly. You should also check for any dead or dying flowers and foliage.

Finally, there is the matter of transporting your flowers. If you are travelling alone, this can prove particularly challenging. When flowers are in a vase, you will need to empty at least most of the water out and prop the vase up for the journey. The floral foam arrangement is most likely easier to transport because it is deisgned in such a way that it can be placed on the seat or floor and it will not fall over.

With all of these pros and cons in mind, making a choice should be that much easier. If you are still unsure, take a look at various flower arrangements online and ask your florist for advice.