Let lavender soothe your stress

Lavender is a well-known scent and this is mainly due to the fact that it is so widely used in various bath and body products. Even some of the biggest names in the industry offer lavender-scented lotions, shampoo, and more! This is largely due to the fact that lavender is known to be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons. It is soothing, calming, and helps relieve stress. It can also be enjoyed in a number of ways. Here are a few tips to help you put lavender to good use in your life.

Consider setting aside some time and enjoying a bit of a spa day at home. If you have children, have somebody watch them for at least an hour while you relax. Add some lavender bath salts, oils, or bubble bath to the warm water, set the lights to low or use candles to keep the environment as relaxing as possible. You can even put your favourite music on to help you relax. Lock the door to avoid interruptions and soak while enjoying your favourite drink.

While you are soaking in the tub, you can have your essential oil infuser work. Just make sure that you set it in a safe spot and away from anything flamable. Pour a few drops of lavender oil into the bowl area, light a little candle underneath and allow the beautiful scent to fill the air. This way, when you are done in the tub, your home will also provide some wonderful aromatherapy.

If you have lavender flowers in your garden, you should definitely make bouquets on a regular basis. The fresh flowers smell delightful and they offer some much-needed natural beauty as well. In fact, if you keep some fresh lavender in your bedroom, it will also help you sleep! Now, you don’t want to place a huge bunch next to your bed! Instead, you can create a smaller bouquet and display it a little further away so that the scent is not too overpowering.

Another great option is to grow this plant in a pot. You can enjoy its lovely scent for longer and the plant itself also helps turn a house into a home which is just what you need when you want your very own sanctuary after a long day at work.