Growing flower bulbs in container gardens

Different plants have different root systems. For this reason, there are many different guidelines to remember in terms of cultivating and caring for these plants. Bulbs are different when it comes to planting and care but the work is always worth the effort when you see these plants produce blooms. Before you try your hand at growing flower bulbs, here are some tips.

Plant in containers

Bulbs generally need some extra care and protection so this is why the first bit of gardening advice to remember is that you should start them off, at least, in containers. This will ensure that you plant them in a controlled environment and you can always move the pot if you need to shield the plant from harsh weather or get it out of the way of curious animals.

Inspect the bulbs

Another important bit of gardening advice to remember is that you should always inspect your bulbs before planting them. They should be dry and firm. Be on the lookout for any signs of decay and avoid planting if they are soft.

Timing it right

Timing is everything when planting bulbs. It is best to plant them as soon as you buy them. Planting should be done during the cooler part of the day when the ground itself is cool. Early morning is perfect but just remember not to plant too early in the year when it could still be frozen. The bulb should be placed upright so that the stem grows upright. They should be deep enough to ensure that the plant is properly rooted but not so deep that the stem struggles to penetrate the soil.

Watering schedule

Another important piece of gardening advice is that these freshly planted bulbs will need some water. Of course you do not want to overdo it. Make sure that the pot in which you plant them offers proper drainage so that the bulb does not rot before it begins to sprout. Monitor the dampness of the soil and only water as needed.

With this simple gardening advice in mind, you will be a real pro at growing bulbs in no time! You can choose to transplant them in your garden or, if they are of the smaller variety, you can keep them in their pots. Once they have bloomed and there are no more green shoots, you can remove the bulb from the soil to allow it to dry out and replant the following year.