NEWS: Flower thieves on the loose in Sussex areas- watch your roses!

Flowers that have been stolen from gardens across East Sussex are being sold at boot fairs according to local police.

Sergeant Neale Adams, who is in charge of the investigation, says that several dozen hydrangea flowers have been cut from public and private gardens in the Hastings and Bexhill area over the past few weeks. He says the thieves are damaging the plants and are trespassing upon people’s property and the police are treating this case very seriously.

He claims there are a series of thefts that the police are linking together in the hope of catching the people behind this.

Sgt Adams said the hydrangea blooms have been taken from garden in the Filsham Valley, Pebsham and Conquest areas of Hastings. The flowers are believed to be being sold at boot fair venues and fetes. Dried flowers can be used as centrepieces at weddings or for Christmas wreaths; there is a big market for cheap, dried flowers.

A man seen in the Conquest area of Hastings driving a white pick-up truck is being linked to the thefts. Police are urging anyone who has seen any suspicious activity to contact them right away.