Order flowers and save money on a vase

Every year there are several occasions that we simply have to celebrate with our loved ones. Many of these occasions call for a fresh flower gift. Of course, when you order flowers for Mother’s Day, Valentine‚Äôs Day, birthdays or any other occasion, a vase will be needed in order to keep the blooms fresh. Now, sending a bouquet in a vase does not need to cost a small fortune. Here are some ways in which you can save money on a vase.

Vase included

Before you order flowers from just any florist, take a moment to consider the prices and products available from each one. For example, you might come across a great flower deal that includes a free vase. Why buy one when you can get it free? On the other hand, there may also be bouquets arranged in hatboxes which also means that you don’t need to buy a vase.

Use what you have

If you have a vase that you have hardly used and it is still in perfect condition, you can always use it to present your floral gift. All you need to do is order flowers and have then delivered to your address. Place them in a vase with clean water before delivering them personally to the recipient.

Thrift store shopping

Second hand shops are also known for having some great finds. Yes, they are used items but you might find the perfect vase to suit a particular theme. For example, Victorian-themed vases are not easy to come by. However, you may have some luck at a thrift store. Not to mention the fact that you will save money on a vase because these items are significantly cheaper than new vases.

Get crafty

Another unique idea is to create your own vase. If you have a container that can hold water, you could turn it into a vase. Containers can be painted, covered with fabric or you could do some decoupage art. When doing decoupage, you can choose photos of the recipient with you and other people who mean a lot to them. This is also a great idea if you want to give your bouquet a theme, such as Happy Mother’s Day.

Of course, if none of these ideas work for you the next time you order flowers, ask your florist about simply wrapping the bouquet in some decorative paper. The recipient can remove the packaging and place the stems in one of their own vases. The most important thing to remember when you order flowers is the quality of the blooms. No matter how gorgeous the vase is, if the blooms perish in a few days, it will be disappointing for the recipient.