Romantic flowers they will adore

When you spoil your partner or spouse with a beautiful bouquet, you can be sure that it will make them smile. The key is selecting the right blooms just for her. Different blooms have different meanings and some blooms send a stronger message than others. Here are some of the best romantic flowers you can send for any occasion.


When we think about romantic flowers, roses are usually the first that come to mind. Red roses are particularly popular for occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. This is because they are associated with passionate love. You can send a single stem or several red roses depending on the precise message you want to send.


Orchids are known for their elegance and sophisticated beauty. They are also the symbol of love, luxury and strength. An orchid can be displayed all on its own in a vase or you can choose to send a potted plant instead. These plants are not as difficult to grow as most people think. They require a few basic conditions in order to thrive. When in bloom, these romantic flowers provide the most impressive display.


If you are looking for affordable romantic flowers, carnations are the best choice for you. Just like roses, red carnations are a symbol of passionate love. These blooms are loved for their texture and gentle yet distinct perfume. They are also known for being one of the longest lasting of all cut flowers.


Lilies come in all shapes and colours. In general, they are the symbol of devotion. Another advantage of sending these romantic flowers is that you only need a few stems to create a full and abundant-looking bouquet. Stargazer lilies are a top choice because of their large petals and striking colour. Not to mention their sweet perfume scent.


If you want to send a message of perfect love, tulips are the blooms for you. They are available in various colours and you can choose a single shade or several colours in a single bouquet. Remember, they are thirsty flowers so you need to check vase water levels regularly. The flowers may droop due to their weight but you can reinforce them using floral wire and green floral tape.


Purity, innocence and modesty are all associated with gardenias. They are also known for their sweet perfume which is why they are such popular romantic flowers. They are also particularly delicate which means that you must take care when handling them or the petals will become bruised.


Bright and bold, a bouquet of sunflowers sends a message of loyalty and adoration. They look beautiful when arranged together in a tall vase without any other types of blooms or foliage. It’s the simplicity of these blooms that make them so appealing.


Celebrate the beauty and grace of your partner by sending hydrangeas. These impressive blooms will fill a vase with just a few stems. Stick to uneven numbers to create a balanced bouquet. It might sound odd, but an even number of stems will look out of place. You should place one stem in the middle with the rest of the stems around it. If you use three stems, arrange them in a triangle shape.


Send a message of admiration and celebrate the wisdom and courage of your partner by including a few iris stems in a bouquet of romantic flowers. You can even opt for a full bouquet of irises if you prefer.


Gladiolas are known for their tall and bold appearance. They represent integrity, strength and affection. They are larger and taller than most other flowers which is why they are usually displayed on their own or along with other tall stems. If you arrange them with small flowers, they will overpower them and the smaller blooms will go unnoticed.

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary, Valentine’s Day or simply want to pamper your partner, you can’t go wrong with these romantic flowers. Don’t forget to ask your florist about optional extras such as luxury chocolates to make your bouquet even more special.