Tips to keep summer flowers fresh

During the warmer months of summer, we all feel the effects of the heat. This includes our plants and flowers. When flowers are cut from the main plant in the summer, they require a bit of extra care to ensure that they stay as fresh and beautiful for that much longer. If they are neglected, they will wilt and perish prematurely. Here are some essential tips to help you get the most out of every summer bouquet.

You need:

Water in a bucket

Flower food

Spray bottle with clean water



  • When your fresh flower delivery arrives, you need to place the bouquet in a bucket of fresh clean water right away. If you don’t have a bucket, you can fill your sink and make sure that all of the stems are submerged to prevent dehydration. Remember, the water should not be ice cold but rather room temperature.

  • Now you need to find a vase and clean it thoroughly. Once clean, you can add fresh water and flower food (according to the package instructions). The flower food needs to be completely dissolved before you add your flowers.

  • Take each stem, one at a time, and trim them at an angle. Remove any lower leaves because you don’t want anything other than the flower stems in the water. Excess plant material in the water encourages bacterial growth. This will shorten the life expectancy of your flower arrangement.

  • Place the trimmed stems in the vase and, when you are done, you can display the bouquet in a safe spot. Avoid direct sunlight, heat, wind, our any kind of air cooler or air conditioner.

  • Replace the water every couple of days and, when you do, add more flower food too. Not only does this offer nutrition to your flowers but it also helps control bacterial growth in the water.

  • Re-cut the stems every few days to create a new surface for absorption and extend the life of your flowers.

  • If you notice any dying flowers or foliage, remove them from the vase immediately. Dying plant material gives off certain substances that encourage the rest of the bouquet to perish too.