Potted plant choices for autumn blooms

We all like to decorate our homes with flowers no matter the season. While some people prefer to get a fresh flower delivery of cut flowers from their local florist, others prefer a potted plant. They enjoy and take pride in caring for the plant and seeing it blossom before their eyes.

African violet

If you plan to ship a potted plant instead of cut flowers during the autumn season, you may want to know which ones bloom during this time of year. African violets are always a big hit with plant lovers. They bloom throughout the year and do not require special care. You simply need to keep them in a moderately warm environment and keep the soil moist. You may be familiar with the more popular purple variety, but other shades are available as well.


The hibiscus potted plant is also quite popular. They have a fairly long flowering season and only stop flowering during the winter. Each flower, however, will only last a few days before dying. That said, they will soon be replaced by a new flower, so you’ll always have new flowers on the way. Hibiscus flowers are large and will brighten up even a large room. They are also favoured as they offer a variety of shades and colours.

Flowering maple

If you’re looking for a potted plant to fill a larger empty space in your home, like the corner of your living room, you might like the flowering maple. It displays its soft blooms almost constantly and requires only moderate temperatures and moist soil to thrive. This plant grows very fast, so make sure you place it in a location with plenty of extra room to grow.

Potted oxalis

Perhaps a more unusual option is small potted oxalis. It has dark purple leaves that look like clovers and, when it blooms, it is decorated with small white flowers. Against the dark leaves, these bright white flowers really stand out.

Sweet-smelling jasmine

If you want a stronger smelling potted plant to fill your home, you won’t be disappointed with the sweet jasmine flower. It flowers during the summer months and should continue well into the autumn season. These delicate white flowers are not only absolutely beautiful, but the sweet scent is unlike any other flower.

Cape Primrose

The streptocarp, a relative of the African violet, is also beautiful and easy to care for. Its most common name is Cape Primrose and if conditions are right it will flower most of the year as well. Available colours include red, white, pink, and purple. Unlike African violets, however, they only need slightly moist soil. The guppy plant is also related to the African violet and Cape primrose. They are best suited for hanging baskets as their flowers descend smoothly from the stems. Some believe these flowers look like a goldfish! You can expect this potted plant to flower during the sunny summer months, and if you have enough light, it may even continue to flower all year round.

As you can see, there are a number of options to consider when choosing a potted plant that will bloom in autumn. Each of these plants has its own needs so, before making your choice, it’s important to consider where it should be displayed and how much care and attention it will require.