Seasonal flowers for winter

While some might think that the colder months are fairly void of floral beauty, florists around the world will agree that there are plenty of gorgeous fresh flowers to choose from during the winter season. Seasonal flowers are not only more resistant during these harsh months and they will add plenty of colour to your home.


Seasonal flowers are those known to bloom during a particular season. That said, while some flowers might not actually be in bloom, they are often imported or grown under artificial conditions. These include year-round favourites like roses. Roses tend to prefer the hotter months of the year but, since they are a staple for any respectable florist, they cannot afford to run out of stock at any point.


Some of the flowers that you should be able to find at your local florist during this time of year include Amaryllis, Carnations. Gerbera Daisies, Roses, Gardenias, Narcissus (white), Oriental Hybrid Lilies and Star of Bethlehem flowers. Each of these are available in either red, white, or even both. It’s just a matter of combining the right flowers along with rich foliage and you’re all set. While some of them are best suited as focal flowers, others work best as mass and filler flowers due to their shape and size.


During the winter months, most homes are decorated with red, white, and green in preparation of Christmas. These kinds of bouquets are perfect for adding that Christmas cheer without setting up old-fashioned decorations. So, instead of the usual Christmas wreath, you can opt for a bright tablescape or non-traditional fresh flower arrangements instead. Gardenias make lovely floating flower arrangements. You can add some red gem stones or berries to the bottom of the vase to create a festive appearance or you can keep it simple with just one flower floating or submerged in the water. If you want to add a gentle source of light, you can use some waterproof LEDs in the vase to highlight various features of the floating or submerged flower.