Dry lavender and enjoy it that much longer

Most fresh flowers are used to decorate our homes and add colour to those dull corners. There are, however, also some flowers that are also useful and not just pretty to look at. Lavender is one such bloom. Of course, if you want to get the most out of your lavender plant or bouquet, you will need to take certain steps to preserve these flowers. One great way is to dry lavender and store it for different uses. Not sure how to go about this? Here are some methods and tips.

The hanging method

One of the most popular methods of drying fresh blooms is to hang them. To dry lavender, all you need to do is separate the large bunch into smaller bunches and tie the steps together. Make sure that you tie them tightly because the stems will contract as they dry out. This is normal because they are losing water. Once you have secured the stems, you can hang the small bunches upside down in a safe spot to dry them out. You should keep them out of the sun and wind. Let them dry at their own pace. Remember, smaller bunches are best because it helps them dry out faster and reduces the risk of mildew forming. After a couple of weeks, you can check on your lavender by snapping one of the stems. If it is still flexible or rubbery, you need to allow it to dry out more. If it snaps easily, the bunch is likely dried out.

The food dehydrator method

If you need to dry lavender in a hurry, you can always use your food dehydrator. It’s a great option if you want to make sure that your blooms are completely dried out. It also helps ensure that they maintain their beauty if you are planning on using them in a dried flower arrangement. Minimal heat is required for this process since you don’t want to end up cooking your lavender.


If you have large amounts of lavender, drying it will help preserve it for that much longer. Of course, you need to make sure that you store your dry lavender just right in order to lock in those aromas and soothing properties. Place in an airtight container and store in a cool, dry and dark place. You can add lavender to your bath, make a delicious tea, make an infusion with which to wash your hair. There are so many amazing uses that you can enjoy!

Remember, dry lavender can be just as beautiful as fresh lavender. The key is knowing how to display these blooms. Dried flower arrangements need to be displayed in the right way and they need to be protected from the sun and wind or they will fade and break apart. You may even like to create your very own box frame design so that you can keep these blooms safe when on display.