What you need to know before making a flower arrangement

When you are feeling creative and you want to make your own fresh flower arrangement, there are a few important things that you will need to remember. You can even apply these tips to silk flower arrangements and bouquets made from flowers found in your own garden. Proper planning before you begin creating your design will ensure that the best results are achieved.

Style and size

The size will determine the number of flowers you need as well as the best types of flowers to use. The style of the bouquet will also help you choose the colour scheme and the best flowers for the bouquet. Remember, different flowers have different price tags so, unless you are picking them from your garden, you will need to set a budget. Even if you don’t have much to spend, you can still make a stunning and stylish bouquet by using a few more expensive stems for your focal flowers and cheaper blooms as mass and filler.

Colour scheme

Next, you will need to consider the recipient and the occasion when choosing a colour scheme. For example, if you want to welcome a new baby girl, you might be inclined to choose pink or pink and white flowers. Alternatively, if you want to send a romantic bouquet for your anniversary, red roses and other red flowers are always a hit. You should use a colour wheel when selecting any colour combinations and look for photos of flowers online for more inspiration. Stick to a single colour or use two, three, or more in one arrangement. Keep in mind the fact that sometimes the most unlikely pairs make the most dramatic displays. For example, yellow and dark purple are a stunning combination.

Focal flowers

The focal flowers in an arrangement are both the largest and the most attractive of the bunch. They are usually located in the centre of the bouquet and they are likely to grab your attention at first glance. You will not need many of these flowers and they are usually clustered in odd numbers like three or five.

Mass, filler, and foliage

Mass flowers help fill up your bouquet and give it body while helping the focal flowers stand out even more. Filler flowers are there to make sure that there aren’t any gaps in between. Your mass flowers are generally smaller than the focal flowers and they usually have a very different texture too. Filler flowers are the smallest of all. Foliage is optional and should always be added at a reasonable ratio to the number of flowers. Foliage should never overcrowd the flowers and it should act as a type of filler.

Vase or container

The container you use will depend on the size and style of the flower arrangement. Since the types of flowers will influence the height of the bouquet, it will also affect your choice in containers. You can arrange flowers in a vase or in another container with floral foam. Make sure that the colour of your arrangement suits that of the container. If you are ever unsure, remember that you can’t go wrong with a clear, glass vase.

Always remember that the rules for flower arranging are not set in stone. There are plenty of new design ideas surfacing each day which means that your next idea could be the next major trend! Experiment, explore, and don’t forget to have fun!