May birthday flowers

If you are planning on spoiling somebody special on the birthday this month, May birthday flowers are both practical and sentimental. By choosing the perfect May birthday flowers, you will be showing your friend or loved one that you really care. If you are wondering where to start, here are some excellent ideas.

May Birthstone-inspired Bouquet

The birthstone associated with the month of May is the Emerald. This stone is associated with rebirth and love. It’s also worth mentioning that Emeralds are one of the rarest stones and their colour really is unlike that of anything else. The question many people might have is how to create a flower bouquet with this stone as the inspiration. Well, by pairing green Chrysanthemums with white Avalanche Roses it allows the rich green colour to really stand out. To add even more colour, yellow Germinis, Solidago, Dracena and Birch can be added too.

May Birth Flower

The flower associated with the month of May is the Lily of the Valley. These are not often used as cut flowers but, when they are, they can be arranged in a number of ways. A bouquet consisting strictly of Lily of the Valley flowers will require a number of stems. Alternatively, you can use other white flowers like roses are your focal flowers and add Lily of the Valley around them as mass or filler flowers. White Lily of the Valley flowers are associated with appreciation and love.

Choose Their Favourite

Finally, another fantastic option to consider is to choose a bouquet that consists of or includes their favourite flower. So, if they love roses, then by all means send a bouquet of roses! If you are not certain about their favourite flower but you do know that they adore the colour pink, then a pink arrangement will make the ideal birthday gift. Of course, if you know what their favourite colour and their favourite flower is, then you can choose the best of both worlds and really blow them away with your thoughtfulness.

With May birthday flowers, there should always be a memorable and heartfelt birthday message. So, before you send birthday flowers, make sure that you write something personal in the card that is to accompany the flower delivery.