Valentine’s Day paper flowers craft

Flowers are the most popular Valentine’s Day gift. Of course, if you are on a particularly tight budget but you still want to send flowers this year, you could always get creative with paper flowers. Making your own paper flower bouquet is not only great for saving money but also shows your Valentine that you put extra effort into their romantic gift.

Things you need:

  • Tissue paper of your choice
  • Green pipe cleaners for the stems
  • Sharp scissors
  • Container or vase


  • Cut the tissue paper into squares. The size of the squares will determine the size of your flower. You might like to experiment with a couple of sizes. Usually a diameter of 22cm is an ideal size.
  • Each square is to be used per flower so cut as many squares as you need.
  • Take one square and fold over the one side to create margin of about 1cm. Keep this end folded and fold it again in the other direction. Continue alternating like this to create a kind of accordion or fan.
  • Hold all of the folds in place and then fold the fan-like piece of paper to find the midpoint.
  • Cut a V into the midpoint using your scissors and remove the small pieces of paper.
  • Slide the pipe cleaner through the hole and wrap the end around.
  • The V shape should face upwards with the stem pointing down.
  • Now start fluffing the petals out and arrange them into petals until you reach the desired appearance.
  • Repeat these steps to create as many flowers as you need.
  • Arrange the flowers in a container and enjoy!

If you like, you can even take it a step further by decorating a container or old vase. Since these are paper flowers, you don’t need to worry about the container being waterproof. Keep these flowers away from the heat, direct sunlight and feel free to add some kind of vase filler too.