UPDATE: The Birmingham Garden and Flower show will go ahead

A new venue has been found by the Birmingham Annual Gardening show (Bags) organisers to ensure the Birmingham Garden Show will go ahead as planned. The original show was to take place at another venue but it was cancelled because of the weather problems that Birmingham has experienced this summer.

Residents, societies and businesses of Birmingham had all come together to try and get the flower show back on at Kings Heath Park. However the event will now take place at Bordesley Green Allotments instead.

The Birmingham Flower show this year takes place on the 1st and 2nd of September and will feature flower displays from gardeners who reside in Birmingham and allotment holders’ produce.

Jonathan Jaffa, who is the Bags organising committee chairman, said: “It’s a big dry site that is partly allotment and partly park. It’s essentially the same show transposed to a different site because the park was waterlogged”.

A gardening show has taken place at Kings Heath in Birmingham for the past 30 years but last year Birmingham City council decided to cancel the garden show because of the falling numbers of visitors and because of the high costs it takes to run the show.

Kings Heath groups then petitioned the council’s decision to try and get the show reinstated in the park and it led to the council providing the groups with a £20,000 grant so they can run the show themselves.