Choosing the right sympathy flowers

The loss of a friend or loved one is not something that we like to think about. Planning a funeral is incredibly difficult and exhausting for the family. Which is why it is so important to offer your support while respecting their privacy.

Send sympathy flowers

Sympathy flowers are available at your florist and they are the most culturally accepted form of expressing your condolences. When the passing of a friend or loved one is announced, it’s a good idea to order a bouquet right away. Make sure that you have the correct address and phone number of the recipient and include a thoughtful message too. Your florist will provide a card and you will have the opportunity to compose a message and include your name before you complete your flower order.

What types of flowers to send

There are a number of options from which you can choose. Firstly, if you know what kind of flowers the deceased loved, you could send a bouquet of these blooms in their honour. Alternatively, you can always check out the sympathy flowers section at your favourite online florist. Here you will find various designs. Some are bright and colourful while others are plain white and green. There is no right or wrong when it comes to sympathy blooms. If your gift comes from the heart, it will always be appreciated.

What about funeral flowers?

If you are very close to the family and you really want to help, you could offer to take care of the funeral flowers. That said, make sure that any funeral flowers you order are approved by the family first. You do not want to make their final farewell to their loved one less than perfect. Simply show them images of the arrangements and get their approval. Keep the prices to yourself so that they do not feel obligated one way or the other. If they would like to take care of the funeral flowers themselves, you could offer to order something for the casket or an additional display.

Funeral flowers are also easy to find online and you will notice that there are various lovely designs available. Some of the most popular include wreaths and sprays for the casket, funeral crosses and personalised designs. Some of these can be used at the funeral and taken to the burial afterwards too.

The most important thing to remember when sending sympathy flowers or funeral flowers is to keep the grieving family in mind. Think about what they are going through and all the emotions that are racing through their mind. Try, as best you can, to put yourself in their situation. While you may want to be there for them, they will most likely need time to process all that they are feeling.