Protect plants and flowers from your pets

There are few things worse than bringing home a gorgeous plant only to have it destroyed by your beloved pet just a few days or weeks later. Not only will you be upset over the loss of the plant, but some plants can also harm your pet. Here are some great tips to protect plants and flowers from your furry family members.

Choose easy options

The first thing you should do to protect plants from your pets is to choose the right plant. Some are more forgiving than others in the event of an altercation with a pair of paws. Some of the easiest plants to grow include African Violets, Cyclamen, hanging Spider Plants and Rubber Trees, to name a few. Succulents are also a safe choice if you want a plant for a smaller space and you don’t want it to get too big too fast.

The right spot

No matter the type of plant or plants you choose, you need to make sure that they are displayed somewhere out of the way. Not only can your plant be bumped over by your enthusiastic pet, but it could also be nibbled on. Animals don’t always know when plants are toxic. So, you will protect plants and pets at the same time by keeping them out of reach.

Consider hanging plants

If you don’t have much space to place your plants that will not get in the way, you should consider hanging plants. Hanging baskets can he suspended just about anywhere. Just make sure that you can access the plant so that you are able to water it. You should also allow the leaves to hang down a bit but not too much or else it could encourage your pets to try to jump and snag them.

Prevent digging

Cats are known for digging in potted plants but you can help prevent this by placing a layer of pebbles on top of the soil. This will protect plants and their roots from being disturbed by those cute paws. You can also add a special plant, perhaps an artificial one with soil that your pet can play with. Sometimes, if you give a pet a plant of their own, it helps detour them from the rest of the plants in your home.

Safe pesticides

You can protect plants from insects by applying pesticides but, if you have pets, take extra special care. Some pesticides are toxic to animals so you should make sure that you read the label and do enough research before choosing a pesticide.

Peppermint oil for cats

You can naturally protect plants from cats by using peppermint oil. This oil is something cats really don’t like so you can apply it to the planter every couple of weeks, or as soon as you notice the scent start to fade. This will help keep them away.

These are just a few easy steps to help you protect plants and flowers in your home. If, despite your best efforts, your animals still manage to damage your plants, you can always consider replacing them with artificial plants instead. This way, you don’t have to worry if they happen to get knocked over.