Essential tips for cutting flower stems

Making cut flowers last longer is all about how well you take care of them. Proper flower care includes keeping them in fresh water, in the right conditions, and trimming the stems regularly. When cutting the flower stems, it’s important to remember some pro tips if you want to benefit each bloom as much as possible.

The first rule is to always cut the stems at a 45-degree angle. By doing this, you will increase the surface area for absorption which means that the stem will be able to drink up that much more water and nutrients. The easier it is to absorb what it needs, the better for your flowers. This angle also ensures that the stems will not rest directly on the base of the vase. If the stems are cut straight, the can lay straight on the bottom of the vase and this could obstruct absorption.

It’s also a good idea to cut stems underwater. When you trim them out of the water, air can enter the stems and this can cause air bubble obstructions in the stem. These bubbles that are trapped inside the stem will decrease the rate at which the stem can absorb water. By cutting the stems underwater, you don’t give the air a chance to enter. As soon as you trim the stems, they will be exposed to fresh water that they can drink up.

It’s also good to take the length of the stems into account when trimming them. Even if they look like they have been cut, you should trim them according to the vase. Cut at least an inch off each stem or, if you notice any discoloration, you might want to cut a bit extra. Cut off any excess leaves while you’re at it.

Finally, you should always remember to trim the stems as soon as the flower delivery arrives and every few days. The bottoms of the stems are bound to become clogged after a few days so, when you notice a build up of bacteria, you should trim a bit off when you change the water.