Flower etiquette – sending blooms to your therapist

With everything that has happened and is still happening in the world, it’s no wonder so many people need the help of a professional to get through all the stress and anxiety. Apart from the social pressures of today, there are additional financial demands on families of all sizes. Therapists are people too which is why it’s important to keep them in mind when shopping for thank you gifts. Before you choose a gift, here are some essential flower etiquette tips to keep in mind.

Avoid romantic blooms

The first rule in this list of flower etiquette is that you should avoid blooms that could come across as romantic gestures. Red roses, or any other red blooms for that matter, can be considered as a declaration of love. While you are bound to become close with your therapist, a line should be drawn and always respected. If you or your therapist feel like this line is not respected, you or they will suggest that you seek a new therapist. Some better options in terms of colours include yellow, orange, white and even pink if combined with other colours.

Don’t overspend

Watch your budget and don’t order a bouquet that is particularly expensive. Set your budget before you start shopping and do your utmost to stick to it. This is important in terms of flower etiquette because, just like certain colours, expensive bouquets can also be seen as elaborate romantic gifts. You want to keep it sweet yet simple and nothing over the top.

Choose the right optional extras

Such things as cuddly bears clutching hearts will not prove appropriate when it comes to shopping for extras to add to your flower order. Observe proper flower etiquette but opting for something simple yet impressive like some luxury chocolates or a colourful balloon with the words ‘Thank You’ printed on it. This way, there is no way the message of your bouquet will be misconstrued.

Include an appropriate message

Finally, don’t forget to include some choice words in the card provided by your florist. Remember, the florist will print the message on the card for you but there is a limited number of characters. Think of exactly what you would like to say and make sure that your message is clear. You should also include your name so that your therapist knows who the flowers are from.

With these simple yet effective flower etiquette tips, you can thank your therapist for all of their help and support without worrying about the message being erroneously interpreted. It is also not essential for you to wait for a specific occasion to send flowers. Saying thank you is all the reason you need to surprise them with a bright bouquet.