Spring blooms for your bouquet

If you want to create your very own bouquet of spring blooms, there are a few basic tips to keep in mind. When you take a look around online for seasonal flowers, you will notice that your florist has plenty of gorgeous options. Remember, even though some flowers are available throughout the year, this does not mean that they are seasonal flowers. Some blooms are so popular that they are imported or specially cultivated in order to ensure year-round availability. Here are some of the most beautiful options from which you can choose.


Lilies are beautiful spring blooms and you will be delighted to know that there are a number of varieties from which you can choose. The Casa Blanca Lily, the Calla Lily and Stargazer Lilies are some of the most popular options. In some cases, you can even ask your florist to remove the pollen from the blooms so that they do not upset your allergies. This can also help extend the life of the cut flower.

Exotic beauties

If you want something even more exotic, you can shop around for more unusual spring blooms like the Bird of Paradise flower. This flower also blooms during the spring season and, if you have trouble sourcing them, you could also consider delphiniums or dahlias.

Fruit blossoms

If you want to decorate a table where you are planning on serving food, you should consider using fruit blossoms. Cherry and peach blossoms are an excellent choice because of their soft beauty.

Popular blooms

Other popular flowers that might not necessarily be known as spring blooms include roses, carnations and tulips. Yes, some of these are available for longer than just their main bloom cycle. This might make them a bit more expensive when not exactly in season but a few stems in your mixed bouquet won’t push the price up too much.

Remember, when searching for the perfect spring blooms for your home or even as a gift, you should take care when selecting the colours for your arrangement. For this time of year, pastels are usually more appropriate as they help you gently ease into warmer weather.