Decorating with Succulents

Succulents are so much more interesting and beautiful than most people know. They are super easy to take care of and they provide you with an amazing sense of satisfaction. If you want to use succulents to decorate your home, here are some great tips.


These plants are not just side attractions. They are the star of the show! You can have one or more succulents in individual pots and place them on your dining room table as a centrepiece. If you like, you can put them all together in a small wooden crate so that they are kept closer together and you can hide the pots themselves.


These plants do not need to be grown in large quantities. You do not need a lot of them to make a big statement. It’s important to consider the amount of space that you have. If you have a small coffee table, you can place a small succulent on this table and it will look perfect. If you place a large plant or several plants on the table, you will not have space for anything else and it will look very out of place.

Different vessels

You don’t have to stick to your usual pots when it comes to succulents. You can get really creative and use all sorts of ceramic items. Just make sure that you offer these plants good drainage. If not, you should definitely ensure that you only water when absolutely needed and never pour too much water over the soil. Since there are no holes for the excess water to escape, it can result in root rot.

Green walls

If you want to create a natural wall in your home or garden, you can secure pots to a larger planter or frame and add a succulent to each one. You might need to offer the plants some extra security so that they do not fall out but this is usually quite easy to achieve with thin wires or some kind of mesh material.

Driftwood design

If you have a large piece of driftwood with several small cup-like features, you can use each of these to house a small succulent or cactus. Simply place some soil in the bottom of the hole, add your plant and cover the roots with more soil. Again, just like other vessels without holes, you should only water when absolutely needed.

Jars and terrariums

Terrariums are becoming increasingly popular because they allow you an amazing view of the plant and the layers of soil. They can be placed on tables or even hung if you prefer. Easy to assemble and easy to care for, this is one of the most rewarding displays of all.

No matter the room, you are sure to find a succulent that will make it that much brighter. If you are not sure about the best plant for you, it’s good to read up about their specific needs and preferences before you buy.