Green flowers to add to your bouquets

When we think about fresh blooms, we often imagine a wide variety of colours. One colour that we don’t usually think of, however, is green. We usually associate this colour with foliage. However, there are a few types of green flowers that you can include in your next bouquet. Not only will these blooms add texture, but they can also be used instead of adding too much greenery.

Send a positive message

The colour green is associated with creativity and positivity. It is a very calming colour because it is on the cool part of the spectrum. When you send green flowers to someone, you are sending them a message of good health and fortune. This makes them the perfect gift for somebody who has just received a promotion or anyone you would like to wish good luck.

Types of green blooms

Now you are probably curious about the types of green flowers from which you can choose. Some are fairly common blooms while others are a bit more difficult to source. Carnations and chrysanthemums are popular flowers in general. What’s even better is the fact that they are available in green! You can use them as filler or mass flowers in many different types of bouquets. Green carnations paired with light pink roses will certainly look amazing! Hydrangeas are also available in green and they can be displayed all on their own. Roses and tulips are both available in just about every colour you can think of. It should be noted, however, that green varieties can be hard to come by.

Uncommon options

Less common green flowers include the Christmas Rose and certain types or orchids. The Christmas Rose is known for having a short bloom cycle and these flowers are really delicate. Bells of Ireland are also green and they are smaller in size. The most popular green orchid is the Cymbidium orchid. It has a lovely appearance and the green colour makes it that much more appealing.

Filler flowers

Apart from chrysanthemums, there are a number of other filler flowers that you can find in green. Alchemella flowers and amaranthus are the two top choices. They are both excellent for use instead of foliage. Of course, when designing a bouquet, you will need two to three types of greenery. If you use green flowers, you can eliminate one variety of foliage and add another one or two to the mix.

The shades of green will vary from flower to flower. Not all green flowers have a pale or dark green appearance. Consider the colours of the rest of your blooms before choosing any green elements to add to the bouquet. Just like foliage, you need to make sure that they suit the colour scheme of the arrangement.