Wonderful white flowers

When shopping for flowers, you will notice that there are a number of colours from which to choose. White flowers are popular for a number of occasions. They can be enjoyed on their own or along with flowers of other colours. It’s important to remember that different flowers have different meanings depending on the type of flower as well as the colour. These flower meanings act as your guide when choosing flowers for specific occasions or recipients.

Many people debate whether or not white and black are indeed colours. Despite this ongoing debate, there is no denying the beautiful contrast created when you combine black and white. While you might not be able to find black flowers in nature, you can find flowers that are almost black (dark red or purple) or you can spray paint them. Alternatively, you can use white flowers and add black accessories like sticks or feathers. Again, these accessories will most likely need to be painted black. This sort of arrangement is a floral picture of the Ying and Yang theme.

When we think of the colour white, we often associate it with purity, perfection, and truth. For this reason, white flowers are still popular for occasions like weddings. Colourful flowers can be added to wedding flower arrangements and the bride’s bouquet but, in many cases, white flowers of different shapes and sizes are included for their meaning and beauty.

Funerals are also occasions that call for flowers. White flowers are a popular choice for this occasion because they are suitable for anyone. Men and women of all ages can be honoured with white flowers and they are often used to honour children since they represent the innocence of the child.

When using flowers to decorate another event like a fine dinner, you can create the perfect display by using or at least adding white flowers. White roses or orchids can be used to decorate an elegant dinner table. For something a bit more casual, you could opt for daisies or carnations instead. White flowers can be paired with other colours like red, yellow, purple, or any other colour you like!

Let’s not forget about one of the most popular of all white flowers – baby’s breath. These small white flowers can be displayed on their own in large bunches or you can add a few stems to a bouquet. They are great for mixed bouquets and they also look lovely when paired with red roses. So, the next time you are considering a colour scheme for a bouquet, don’t forget about white!