Frequently asked questions about caring for potted orchids

Orchids are highly sought after flowers and they are even more popular as potted plants. As cut flowers they are known for lasting longer than most (if not all) other cut flowers. As potted plants, however, they can be a bit tricky to care for. There are many different types of orchids. Some are relatively easy to care for while others require extensive care and attention.

If you are looking for the best kind of potting mix for your orchid, it’s important to keep in mind that orchids do not grow in regular soil! Soil will, in fact, smother the plant’s roots can cause it to die. You need a specialised orchid potting mix that allows airflow to the roots.

Similarly, when choosing a pot, you need to think of the conditions that orchids prefer in nature. Due to the nature of their root system, these plants do not particularly enjoy being stuck inside a pot. Make sure that your pot has enough room for the roots and don’t cover the roots completely with the potting mix. Allow the tops of the roots to be exposed to allow for natural airflow. When transplanting your orchid into a larger pot, make sure that you stake the plant to offer it support until its roots really take hold.

As for fertiliser, you will notice that there are specially formulated fertilisers designed just for orchids! It is best to use this kind of mix and follow the directions on the package. By doing so, you can be sure that your plant will be getting all the nutrients and care it needs in order to thrive.

Water might seem important but it’s more important to understand the type of water that orchids prefer. For example, you don’t want to drench the roots but you do want to create a humid environment. You don’t need to make your entire home a water laden zone. You can place the pot on a bed of pebbles and add water to the pebble bed regularly so that it does not dry out. This will ensure high humidity around the plant without making your whole home humid.

As for light, you will need to position your orchid in different parts of your home depending on the season. Some orchids prefer more sunlight than others so make sure that you do research before selecting a display location.