Roses – So what’s the big deal?

Roses have been around for a long time,  more than 35 million years to be more specific, and the earliest representation of flowers with humans which date back to over 7000 years ago and found in Siberia have been that of the Rose flower. They have long been one of the most adored flowers in the world,  and its easy to see why, all you have to do is see them for yourself. For many centuries , people have cultivated Rose flowers for their stunning beauty, and natural sweet flowery scent, but there are many other flowers out there, so what makes roses so special? Read on and let me shed some light as to  why roses have always been one of the top dogs in the flower world.



Why Roses?

 Rose flowers have long been associated with happy, warm emotions, mainly being love, and they are often used to express this emotion with partners, family, or even just friends on occasion. This is attributed to the fact that when amongst other flowers, they truly stand out, with tall plants sporting large, bright , spherical flowers that can be a range of colours thanks to growers making hybrids of roses by breeding one species with another different species  (of which there is over 100 species of “typical “ looking roses) , which results in some some fantastic varieties of colours, many different to the common bright red. Their sweet scent is widely regarded as one of particular value, roses generally have a sweet smelling aroma, which is often used as a key ingredient in some of the most expensive and desired perfumes.

Uses and benefits

 Aside from their stunning beauty and fantastic scent, Rose flowers have found other beneficial uses in the world, aside from aesthetics. People have been using crushed Rose petals as a food supplement, due to their high vitamin C content, and most commonly consumed via Rose flower drinking tea,  which is rich in helpful antioxidants and vitamins.

From the brief information you have just read about the Rose flowers, I’m sure you can now understand why they are admired and sought after by flower enthusiasts all over the world. You can purchase your own beautiful healthy Roses , by visiting !