Cheer up a friend over the holidays

The holidays are often associated with happy family memories, gifts, and perhaps a fair amount of overindulging in your favourite foods. For some, however, the holidays are not easy to face and circumstances can cause depression to set in.

A common cause of holiday blues is the loss of a loved one. As experts know, everyone deals with grief in their own way and there is no way of knowing how long it will take that person to come to terms with their loss. Losing a spouse or a child are two of the most devastating losses of all but any loss can make the hole in their heart feel even bigger. A recent break up, separation, or divorce can also make somebody feel lonely and unhappy over the festive season as can work trouble like being fired or retrenched.

When somebody you love encounters some kind of devastating obstacle just before Christmas, it’s good to be prepared. You should be ready to offer support but don’t be offended if you are rejected. Stress and grief can make people act and react in ways they normally would not and you should never take offense. If you are worried about overstepping boundaries, you could opt for a flower delivery from your florist. Place your flower order online, add something extra if you like, and don’t forget to include a personal message.

If you want to make the flower delivery in person and you feel that it is appropriate, then have the flowers sent to your address and make your way to your loved one’s home that same day. They might not be in much of a Christmas mood so, if you want to avoid the holiday theme, you should avoid bouquets that include red, white, and green elements. Look for something more along the lines of a mixed flower arrangement that has several warm colours. These warm colours will help brighten their home and improve their mood without making them think of Christmas. Sometimes, after the loss of a loved one or during a difficult period, people prefer not to decorate their homes for the holidays. You wouldn’t want your flowers to go against these wishes which is another reason to avoid that Christmas theme.

You can also add something thoughtful like a box of chocolates to your flower order if you like. Alternatively, you could even send a gift hamper. Look for a hamper that includes various types of food and snacks with a long shelf life. Your loved one might not be in the mood for enjoying them right away so you wouldn’t want them to spoil. It’s also a good idea to look for a non-alcoholic hamper gift since food is more important than alcohol during such times.

Finally, always pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal language of your loved one. When visiting them, you don’t want to overstay your welcome and they might be too polite to ask you to leave. Spend a few minutes together, have a meaningful chat or even a cry, but don’t stay too long unless you are specifically invited. Sometimes people need time and some space to breathe as part of the healing process.