Choosing between dry, artificial, and fresh flowers

So you want to send flowers to somebody special or perhaps your flower order is a gift to yourself. Either way, you have one main decision to make before you start shopping. Do you want fresh flowers, a dried bouquet, or an artificial arrangement? Each of them have their own set of pros and cons which is why it’s important to understand your needs before choosing blindly.


Fresh flowers

There’s nothing like the beauty and scent of a bouquet of fresh flowers. When you receive the flower delivery, you will probably notice that some of the blooms are almost completely opened while others have just started to open. This is perfect since it means that your bouquet will last that much longer. Fresh flowers are the real thing so you never have to worry about them looking fake. On the down side, they will eventually perish and you will need to take care of them my trimming the stems, changing the water, and removing dying plant material.


Dried flowers

Given the nature of dried flowers, you won’t need to worry about watering them or trimming the stems. They can be placed in any kind of container and displayed for a long period of time. The only maintenance involves keeping your arrangement free of dust. Dust is sure to settle on your dried flowers and, if you let it build up, your bouquet won’t like as attractive as it should. Another possible disadvantage to these bouquets is that flowers don’t maintain their true colour once dried. Just think about how different a fresh red rose looks like compared to a dried one. On the plus side, these flowers don’t have pollen so they are perfect for people with allergies.


Artificial flowers

Like dried flowers, artificial blooms will not require much maintenance at all. They will need to be dusted and kept away from the direct sun but they can also be really versatile. They are great for anyone with allergies and they are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. The only downside is that artificial flowers can cost a fair amount. There are cheaper varieties but they usually look cheap. Quality flowers will cost a bit more but it is always worth spending more if you want your bouquet to leave a positive lasting impression. They don’t have any sweet scents but this is a problem that can easily be solved with a little potpourri or scented candles.