Not good with flowers! iPhone app will keep them alive!

It always lovely to receive a plants and flowers from a loved one, we place them in a nice place but the only problem is that they keep dying on you. If this is you then you, and your plants and flowers, need this high tech gadget brought to you by the iphone.

This ingenious gadget is placed in the soil of the plant or flowers, and using its intelligence it alerts you if the plant needs more water, of if it is too cold and needs more sunlight. Never again will you, albeit, negligently kill your flowers and plants.

Information will be sent to your iphone telling you that the flowers are thirsty and to give, for example, 30 mls of water. It really is the ultimate guardian for your plants and flowers. So how much does this little helper cost? Today you can buy it for around $100. Not cheap, but definitely worth having if you have got the spare cash. Its unknown whether this app will ever take off, but who cares, its genius though and very novel.