Summer Flowers and a barbeque

The summer always brings about one way to cook. When it’s a hot sunny day all you want is a barbeque. For the perfect barbeque you need good meats, chilled drinks and all your friends and family. However to add that icing to the cake you could try adding a floral display to the dining tables to add that little bit of summer fragrance to the proceedings.

Whether is a spectacular arrangement for each table or just a couple of blooms in a vase flowers are the perfect way to finish you preparations for a barbeque.

Here are some quick and easy ideas to add flowers to your outside celebration:

You could get some matching candleholders and line them along the table alternating between flowers and candles. The repetition of the vase element brings a designer look to the tabletop.

You can add some beautiful flower blossoms under inverted wine glasses or crystal goblets. Top each one with a votive candle and line them along the table in the evening to create a unique style to proceedings.

You can have the traditional glass vases filled with flowers of all colours to create a tropical, exotic style. The key with this arrangement is the colour. Think of tropical things and arrange your arrangements using that colour. The flowers can be hand prepared from a florist or cut from you own garden.

Once some arrangements have been done all you need to do is put the meat on the grill and have a couple of drinks.