When mini bouquets are the better choice

Flower arrangements come in all shapes and sizes. Mini bouquets have become increasingly popular for a number of reasons and they are sometimes a better option than those of the full sized variety.

One main reason for choosing smaller bouquets is to decorate smaller spaces. So, if you have a moderate sized buffet table and minimal space for décor, these bunches are perfect for filling in those empty spaces and adding colour.

Small bouquets are also great for when you want superb décor but you need to stick to a strict budget. These flowers can be used to decorate place settings, you can use them to make a mini tablescape, of you could even suspend them if you like. Once your event comes to an end, you can even let your guests take these bouquets home as keepsakes!

Remember, a large bouquet will require a lot of flowers while you can make several small bouquets from a single large bunch. This means that you can order a few regular bouquets and use them to make several identical mini bunches.

If you are looking for extra variety, you can pair your mini bouquets with larger ones. The colour schemes of these bouquets should match but you could use different types of flowers and you can even add some extra foliage to your larger bouquets.

Another important tip to keep in mind is the fact that it’s important to choose the right vases and holders. Small glasses, jars, and anything that can hold water while complementing your theme. This is a great opportunity for recycling and, even if your container does not look great, you could always cover or paint it to suit your needs.

If you would like a handheld bouquet for your wedding but you would like to share your bouquet rather than tossing it, mini bouquets are a great option. All you need to do is have your florist create several small bunches of flowers before binding all of the stems together to create a single bouquet. When the time comes to share your flowers, undo the ribbon and hand out the mini bouquets!