Giving floral arrangements the perfect festive touch

When sending flowers for the holidays or even when ordering Christmas flowers for yourself, you might want to make them extra special. In most cases, your florist will offer a number of Christmas-themed bouquets. This means that they will consist of the appropriate colour flowers, foliage, and possibly some accessories like pinecones or cinnamon sticks too. Of course, if you fancy the look of a plain arrangement and you want to spruce it up yourself, there are some great ways to do so without spending a fortune!

The first thing to remember is that you can add just about any accessory you like as long as you can secure it to a steady pick. If you want to add a touch of nature, you can use pine cones or cinnamon sticks. Alternatively, if you prefer a bit of sparkle, you can spray paint your pine cones silver or gold.

Take a look at your Christmas tree and look for decorations that would suit your flower arrangement. Not only do they need to suit the colour scheme of the bouquet but they also need to be the right size. You don’t want to add a huge Christmas globe to a medium-sized bouquet.

You can also brighten things up by adding lights to your bouquet. Whether you add waterproof LED lights to your vase or you wrap twinkle lights around the vase, lighting can make all the difference. The same goes for festive plants like poinsettias. These plants are a favourite during this time of the year. As lovely as they look all on their own, they look even better when you add a simple decorative item or lights,

Different kinds of berries can also help emphasize the Christmas theme in any bouquet. Add bunches of red berries to your bouquet for a variety of colour and texture. You could order a bouquet of white flowers and add some red berries to make the perfect festive bunch!

If you want to satisfy that sweet tooth, you can add some candy canes or chocolate gold coins the the bouquet. Not only will this add more colour but it will also be a delicious treat for you and your guests. You can even send this bouquet to a loved one to make their holidays even merrier!