Fun small flower arrangement ideas

Flower arrangements come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. While some are designed for larger spaces, others are more compact for that subtle touch of class and colour. While it’s usually quite easy to imagine how you would arrange a large bunch of fresh flowers, making an impressive display with just a handful of blooms might not sound as simple. Here are some great ideas for displaying smaller bouquets.


Instead of sticking to a single type of flower, choose several flowers as well as various colours. Different flowers have different textures which helps give your bouquet a beautiful, full appearance.

Vase gilding

If you have some old mason jars, vases that don’t look as perfect as they used to, or any other glass containers that can be used as vases, they can be put to good use. Use gold leaf to give these vases a gilded appearance. The whole point is to create an irregular pattern and no two vases should look the same.

Mini bouquets

You can use sprigs of small flowers and a touch of fine foliage to create a miniature flower arrangement. Wrap some colourful paper around them and tie the stems together with a rubber band, ribbon, or string. These make wonderful keepsakes at events like birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.

Use old colanders

Colanders serve a purpose in the kitchen for a significant amount of time. However, once they become too old or damaged to use during food preparation, they can still be used as hanging planters. Use durable twine to suspend this hanging garden and use sheet moss to line the base before filling with soil and adding your flowering plants. You can also use this approach with cut flowers. Just use floral foam to hold the flowers in place and serve as a source of water.

Water pitcher

A pitcher or jug can also be used instead of a vase. Whether you use a plain glass jug or one with a colourful pattern, you can be sure that your fresh flowers will look amazing! The smaller the arrangement, the smaller the jug will need to be of course.

Colourful water

While colourful vases are a great way of enhancing the appearance of any bouquet, you can also get creative with plain vases. Simply line up several glass vases and use a different food colouring for each vase. They will really stand out if you use white flowers and use one or three flowers in each vase. Indirect sunlight also helps the colourful vase water stand out.

Compact bedroom flowers

Your bedroom might not be as spacious as you’d like. More often than not your bedside table is home to several items. Decorating with flowers might sound impossible but you can keep a small bouquet set in a cute watering can. The best part of all is that, unlike regular vases, your watering can is far more sturdy and not at all top heavy.

Displaying small flower arrangements is all about putting all of your resources to good use. Take a look around your home for anything you can use or re-purpose as a vase. This is all part of the creative fun of flower arranging.