Flower care for cut Alstroemeria flowers

No matter when you receive a fresh flower delivery, you always want to do everything in your power to keep your blooms alive for as long as possible. What many people don’t realise is that different flowers require different flower care. If you have a gorgeous bouquet of Alstroemerias, here’s how to make sure that they last as long as possible.

You need:

– Fresh Alstroemeria flowers

– A vase (thoroughly cleaned and rinsed)

– Flower food

– A sharp pair of scissors

– A bucket of fresh water


  • As soon as you bring fresh cut Alstroemeria flowers into your home, you need to make sure that they don’t dehydrate. Place them in some fresh water in a bucket while you prepare their new home.
  • Now, wash the vase thoroughly and make sure that you rinse away any traces of soap. This might sound more like vase care than flower care but it’s essential that your vase is clean in order for your blooms to thrive.
  • Add a few inches of warm water and then add your flower preserve. Make sure that the flower preserve dissolves completely before you proceed.
  • Remove your Alstroemeria flowers one by one and trim the stems at an angle. Remove any excess foliage while you’re at it.
  • Another great tip is to trim the stems underwater so that air does not get inside the stems.
  • As each stem is trimmed, you can place it in your vase and move on to the next one until you have added all your flowers to the vase.
  • Place your bouquet in a safe spot. This means that you want to keep it away from any sources of heat, cold, draughts and direct sunlight.
  • Check the water quantity and quality daily.
  • Trim the stems again after a few days to give them a new surface for absorbing water and nutrients.

By taking the right flower care steps in the beginning and continuing to monitor the health of the bouquet, you can expect your Alstroemerias to last longer than ever before!