Growing peonies to brighten your home

Peonies are beautiful plants to add to your garden and, the best part about growing peonies is that you can cut these flowers to display in your home. Not only will these plants spruce up your garden, but they will brighten your home too. Before you plant peonies, you need to keep these tips in mind.

Planting depth

You should always take care when planting your peonies. They do not like to be planted too far into the ground. Dig your holes no deeper than 2.5cm. If you try growing peonies any deeper, these plants will most likely not bloom. They will still grow, but they will not produce flowers.

The perfect spot

As you know, different plants have different needs in terms of light. When growing peonies, you need to select the perfect spot in terms of lighting. There are a few varieties that will do fine in shady areas but, for the most part, they prefer a good amount of sunlight. Use them to decorate borders around your garden. Not only will they add colour, but they will fill the air with a sweet scent too.

The right soil

You need to take the time to prepare the soil before growing peonies. Free-draining and fertile soil is best. If you choose to use clay or chalky soil, you need to make sure that water drains away quickly. Poor drainage will result in the roots of your plants rotting. You should also check the pH level of the soil and make sure that it suits the preferences of the type of peony plant you are growing.

Growing peonies does not need to be difficult and it can be very rewarding. Try to select a few different colours too. This way, you can get even more creative with your peony fresh flower arrangements.