Important flower sending etiquette

When you plan to send flowers to somebody special, it goes beyond simply searching online for the prettiest bouquet. It’s important to consider the occasion, the preferences of the recipient, and the message associated with the flowers you wish to send.

The first thing to consider is the occasion. If you want to congratulate a couple on the arrival of their newborn baby girl or boy, it’s important to consider colours as well as the allergy factor. While it might be wonderful to send the new mum and dad a bunch of brightly coloured blooms, you should consider everyone in the hospital ward. Some mothers might be sensitive to pollen or the hospital could have strict regulations. Hold off on sending flowers to the hospital and send a modest bouquet to their home instead. If you want to play things extra safe, you can ask your florist for flowers without pollen or have the pollen removed.

The same can be said about anyone in hospital. Depending on the area of the hospital, there are sometimes strict rules against sending flowers. This is due to risks of contamination and infection. Contact the hospital and find out about such rules. If anything, you can send flowers to the patient when they return home. While continuing their recovery, you can ensure that their home environment is as pleasant as possible.

Don’t forget about the message your flowers are sending. For example, it’s fairly common knowledge that red roses and other red flowers are best reserved for romantic occasions and relationships that are fairly well established. Stick to pink for a feminine bouquet or to show your affection. White flowers make excellent sympathy flowers and mixed bouquets are great for birthdays and other celebrations.

If you want to send flowers to somebody like a co-worker or employee, it’s important to keep them as neutral as possible. Avoid bouquets that could be considered romantic or you might shed the wrong kind of light on your professional relationships!

Always take time to think about the message you are sending and what the recipient will think and feel when the delivery arrives. Make sure that the flowers are fitting for the occasions and feel free to include other extras like balloons, a stuffed animal, a bottle of bubbly, or even a stylish vase.