How to make autumn potpourri

Different scents, like flowers, suit different seasons. We tend to enjoy differen types of smells based on the weather conditions. Potpourri is great for making your home smell fresh and you can make your own autumn potpourri with just a few ingredients!

Firstly, take some time to walk around and collect some dry plant material like twigs, pine cones, nuts from trees, acorns, and bark. You can also save some red or orange flower petals and dry them out. Make sure that all of your plant material is dry before you make your potpourri.

Place a few paper towels on a plate and place orange peels on these towels before covering with a few more paper towels. Microwave at half power for about five minutes. Remove the peels and allow to cool before storing in a dry, cool place until they are completely dry.

In a paper bag, place some cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, and whole cloves. Close the bad and crush the ingredients using a hammer. This helps them release their beautiful scents.

Now measure 10 cups of dried plant materials and mix with 2 cups of spices and orange peels. Mix all of these ingredients together carefully with your hands or large spoons. Store this mixture in a lidded container for two weeks and make sure that you shake it (gently) once a day.

Pour some of this mixture into a bowl (preferably a ceramic bowl) and enjoy! You can also add other scents to this mixture in the form of essential oils. Essential oils are not like regular scented oils. Essential oils do not only smell great, but they also have health benefits. When you apply oils to these dry plant materials, the oils will be absorbed and the scent is released over time. You can enhance and refresh your autumn potpourri by adding cinnamon, clove, orange, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom, or cassia essential oils.

Some other oils that you can combine with these scents include black pepper, cedarwood, cypress, coriander, tangerine, and rosemary. Test various scent combinations to find the perfect fit for your senses.