More Yellow Flowers brings boost in economy

The UK industry is booming for those little yellow flowers that brings us our rape seed oil. Vast fields can be seen around the country blossoming with these beautiful flowers which supply a large growing demand for rape see oil.

The flower fields are even yellow-er than ever, traditionally they are very popular on fields during the spring time period however more and more farmers are planting the yellow flowers to cater for the huge demand for the oil that the flower produces.

So why all of a sudden as the demand grown for the vast growing of the flowers? It is down to the rise on prices for favourable foods which the European manufactures have suffered poor heat conditions.

Usually the yellow flowers were a filler for the stock rotation, they would ‘fill’ the gaps between quieter periods bringing the farmer a moderate income. However, since its value has become more so than , for example, potatoes, its more profitable for the farmer to grow the yellow flowers most of the year. This has an adverse effect on the shortage of other British grown vegetables which are suffering from the flower invasion. Prices can be as high as £400 per tonne.

Still, they are beautiful, and a pleasant sight to see the gorgeous yellow flowers brightening our summer days.