Flower vase to suit your bouquet style

Whether you want to create your own bouquet or you receive a beautiful arrangement, it’s important to choose the right flower vase. Here are some of the main factors to consider before choosing any old holder you have hiding in the back of your cupboard.


The size of your flower vase needs to suit the number of stems you plan on adding. If you have a single stem, you can create a bud flower arrangement. If you have a large bunch, you will need a vase that can easily accommodate them. It’s also good to remember that you can split up a very large bouquet in two and create a main bouquet along with a smaller flower arrangement.


Just like you should consider the size of your flower vase, you also need to consider the height. The taller the stems, the taller your vase needs to be. Shorter flowers can be displayed in vases as short as teacups where as sunflowers will require more support.


Consider the colour and design of the vase before making your choice. Not only do you want to be sure that your flower vase suits the flowers you choose but also the décor in the room. You want to select the right colour and style. For instance, you don’t want to display a vintage vase in a modern setting.


The flower vase shape you select will also depend on the type of flowers you want to display. Shorter, wider flowers look great in short, square vases. Tall, slender vases are excellent for tall stems like delphiniums. You should also plan your display in terms of a focal point and whether or not you would like a front-facing bouquet or one that can be used as a centrepiece on your dining room table.

Types of vases

There are a number of types of vases from which you can choose. These include bud, square and round vases. Bud vases are small and slender which make them ideal for single stems. Square vases are perfect for blooms like tulips, violets and hydrangeas. Round vases are classic in their beauty which is why they are a top choice for roses, peonies, tulips and gerberas.

If you are still struggling to find the right flower vase for your bouquet, you can easily find some great ideas and inspiration. You can even specifically search for pairs. For example, you can look up gerberas in round vases to see how others have arranged these blooms.