Interesting sunflower uses

Sunflowers have a wonderful way of always making you smile. These are the perfect flowers to send when you want to congratulate somebody and send some well wishes. Whether you purchase them from your local florist or you plant them in your garden at home, sunflowers bring colour and life wherever they are displayed. Apart from their decorative purposes, there are also a number of other uses for these bright flowers.

When you browse around your local grocery store, you will notice that there are several varieties of sunflower oil on the market. Sunflowers have been cultivated for a number of years. Back in he 1930s, sunflower oil increased in popularity and began to rival other types of oils.  Sunflower oil is commonly used for frying, in salad dressings and to make margarine.

Sunflower seeds are enjoyed by both humans and certain animals. If you look through the snack section at your supermarket, you should notice several sunflower seed brands.  Poultry and pig farmers have substituted soybean meals with sunflowers since they boast the same amount of protein. They are lower in energy but have higher levels of methionine and fiber than soybeans.

Sunflower oil can prove somewhat expensive but it also has several industrial uses. Sunflower oil has been used in certain types of paint, varnish and even some plastics.  Its semi-drying properties help preserve the colour of these products. It is also used to make detergents and soaps in various Eastern European countries. Another interesting fact is that hydrogen can be made from sunflower oil which means that it is a far greener option compared to other fossil fuels. It can also be used to make dyes and used in several products including textiles.

Sunflower oil is also a major ingredient in various massage oils and beauty lotions. It can be absorbed easily by the skin and this helps keep your skin hydrated and soft. Certain studies suggest that this kind of oil can help protect premature babies from infections resulting from bacteria. You simply need to apply this oil on their skin several times a day. When applied to your face and neck, it is believed that sunflower oil can help treat and prevent acne. That said, in both of these instances, additional research is needed in order to prove these theories conclusively.

An accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant back in 1986 could have proved extremely disastrous. As a result, rafts of sunflowers were released into the water.  With their roots submerged in the water. They managed to absorb approximately 95% of the radioactivity and made the water safe.

You might not be on a mission to save the world or make your own cooking oil, but there’s no reason not to enjoy the beauty of these flowers and the way they manage to liven up even the dullest corner of your garden or home.