How to help your lilies open

When you order a bouquet of flowers, it’s beneficial for these flowers to arrive in a partial bud form. If flowers arrive fully opened, you never know how long they will last. If they arrive in tight buds, you can’t be sure if they will open. Therefore, somewhere in the middle is ideal. If you order a bunch of lilies and you want to make sure that they open to show off their amazing beauty, here are some tips.

Start by trimming the stems at an angle. Doing this ensures that the flowers will be able to absorb plenty of water and nutrients. Regarding nutrients, don’t forget to add flower food to your vase water! Not only will your flowers love it, but it will also help slow down bacterial growth in the vase water.

While cutting the stems, make sure that you remove any extra leaves too. Once the stems are cut, place your lilies in some warm water. The water should not be hot but it also should not be cold. Ordinarily, it’s not good to fill your vase too much. However, when you want your flowers to open up, you should add extra water. More water means more pressure and this helps force your flowers to drink up and open up.

Keep your lilies in a warm area but not in direct sunlight and nowhere near extreme heat. Moderate warmth is perfect for encouraging those blooms to open up and show off their beauty. Remember to recut the stems as needed and replace the vase water regularly to extend the vase life of your lilies. Proper flower care will help them last longer which means that you will enjoy greater value for money.