The wide variety of roses

Roses are easily one of the most recognizable and popular flowers in the world. They are so popular that you will find them in stock at your local florist even when they are not in season. Take Valentine’s Day for example. The market is flooded with red roses even though they are not in bloom until later that year. Roses are not only available in a wide variety of colours but there are also several types from which to choose. Some are great for cutting, some rose bushes suit gardens best, and there are even some potted varieties. When sending roses, it’s a good idea to know what you are looking for.

The Floribunda group of roses is perfect for brightening up your garden. These full bushes boast stunning clusters of roses that can consist of up to fifteen flowers! If you are looking for this kind of fabulous floral display, look for Betty Boop or Honey Perfume Roses.

Another great option for your garden is the climbing variety of roses. These roses can be trained much like any other climber and you can create arches of spectacular beauty. The plant will intertwine much like a grapevine and, when in bloom, it will provide you with plenty of gorgeous roses.

Hybrid Tea Roses are the type that you are most likely to find at your local florist. The fact that they are hybrids means that they have been specially cultivated so that the very best properties of more than one type of rose can come together in a single flower. These rose have long stems and are perfect for various flower arrangements.

Miniature roses are the smallest of the lot and they are perfect as potted plants. They usually grow to a height of approximately two feet so you can easily display them in your home, patio, or even on a balcony.

By combining the Floribunda and the Hybrid Tea roses, we now also have something called the Grandiflora. These stems are long but not as long as those of the Hybrid Tea Rose. The flowers, however, are similar to those of the Hybrid Tea and they also bloom in clusters.

Finally, there are shrub varieties that sometimes do not look like your conventional rose but they form part of that family. When you are looking for a lovely bouquet of roses or a potted rose plant, make sure that you ask your florist and find out what they have in stock.