Flower advice for autumn brides

Getting married in autumn has a number of benefits for brides, grooms, and even guests. One of the main advantages is the mild weather. There are few things worse than sweating through your wedding vows and photo session!. Another advantage is the way our surroundings gradually change colour during these months. Even if you don’t opt for an outdoor ceremony or reception, autumn landscapes make for amazing wedding photo backdrops. If you are planning an autumn wedding, here are some important tips for choosing the right flowers.

Seasonal flowers

Seasonal blooms are not only cheaper, but they will also hold up really well during these mild weather conditions. Seasonal flowers are readily available and there are plenty to choose from. Depending on the month you choose to tie the knot, you can choose from amazing varieties including snapdragons, lily of the valley, and even peonies later in the season. All of these flowers are available in various colours and they can be paired with various other blooms. While seasonal flowers are the best option, there’s also nothing wrong with adding flowers that aren’t in season provided they have a hardy nature. Roses are popular for weddings and they usually hold up really well no matter the weather. You might find that they are somewhat more expensive at this time of year but a few stems need not break the bank if the rest of your bouquet consists of seasonal flowers.


Different seasons are associated with different styles. For example, a loosely arranged bouquet of mixed flowers is perfect for a spring theme. Autumn bouquets are more often a tightly grouped bunch. You don’t want to squeeze all your flowers together but you do want to create a definite focal point and eliminate any gaps between your flowers.


While it’s quite common to think of foliage as being green, there are a number of lovely red and purple varieties that can add even more colour and texture to your arrangement. You need not overdo the foliage and, if you like, you can also add some berries like rose hips to create the effect you desire.


Vases are the most popular when it comes to displaying flowers. Autumn flowers look best in earthy tones like clay. You could also use floral foam set on a plastic tray inside a wicker basket. Tablescapes are becoming increasingly popular and they involve the use of various elements to create a superb centrepiece. With the use of minimal flowers and several other decorative items (like berries, candles, pine cones, etc), it’s so much easier and even more cost effective to decorate your autumn wedding!

Remember to ask your local florist about the best colours for autumn flower arrangements. There is no need to stick to just one or two colours. More often than not, it’s the use of several colours that really makes your flowers stand out.