Flowers for a garden birthday party

When celebrating occasions like birthdays during the warmer months, many people prefer to spend this time outside. After feeling cooped up all winter, a bit of fun in the fresh air goes a long way! When decorating for a garden birthday party, you will most likely want to keep it as casual and natural as possible.

The first thing to remember is that green can be a powerful colour scheme for any outdoor event. If you Think of a lush, green field decorated with clusters of bright blooms, it’s clear that nature knows best! So, instead of shying away from large amounts of foliage like you would in your average flower arrangement, you can embrace more greenery in a garden party setting.

Secondly, you need to consider the age of the guest of honour. For example, a toddler might prefer bright colours whereas a senior may opt for a more understated colour selection. Your birthday party might even have a theme and your flower choice can help emphasize this theme. For example, if you are hosting a party with a Frozen theme, you can use light blue (almost turquoise) flowers along with white blooms. Sure, you might not find blue flowers at your local florist but this doesn’t mean that they can’t be spray painted! You can even use artificial flowers in order to get the colour you want.

For a Lilo and Stitch theme, just think about exotic flowers that will give the party that luau feel. Have your guests wear leis and let the guest of honour wear a hula skirt or a replica of Lilo’s dress.

If you want to add floral d├ęcor to your trees and shrubs, you can use paper or artificial flowers to do just this! Set the flowers on wire stems so that you can decorate your whole garden! If you are concerned about the possibility of rain, you could set up a tent in your yard. Provided you have the space of course. If you use a tent, make sure that you choose one with sides that can be raised if you want to open it up. Decorate the tend with plenty of leaves and bundles of flowers here and there.

Remember, you don’t need to stick to the tables when it comes to decorating with flowers! Let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to feel inspired. If you feel like you’re stuck in terms of ideas, take a look around at flowers online and ask your florist for help.