Don’t pay too much for Valentine’s Day flowers

One of the biggest concerns for Valentine’s Day shoppers is their budget. As much as we want to spoil our loved ones on this day, money can prove to be a significant obstacle. That said, there are ways of saving money on Valentine’s Day by following a few smart shopping guidelines.

The first tip for saving money is to shop early. Shopping early means that you will be able to take your pick from all the wonderful products available. That said, you don’t need to shop in the beginning on January in order to get the best deals. In fact, it’s best to wait for all the stores to start promoting Valentine’s Day specials before you decide. Sure, you can browse before the time and perhaps bookmark a few items for future reference, but you might be in for a surprise as Valentine’s Day approaches. Many florists, for example, add special products to their range for this occasion only. If you place your order too early, you might miss out on something better.

Another good idea is to shop around and compare prices. Remember that some florists offer free delivery but their flower prices are much higher than many others. There are also those that sell cheap flowers but their delivery fees are considerably higher than normal. Make sure that you compare the final price of each bouquet including any taxes, delivery fees, and optional extras.

You can also save money by adding chocolates, a stuffed animal, a balloon, or a bottle of bubbly to your flower order. This way you only pay one delivery charge instead of two! Get all your gifts at the same time and save money too!

If you notice that a particular bouquet is not within your price range, you should try looking through the specials or deals section on your florist’s website. Not only will you find cheap flowers here but you will also find some great prices on combo gifts! You could even order a gift hamper and flowers all from the same vendor if you really want to save on delivery fees and time!

Remember, you are never under any obligation to choose red roses. They are popular for this occasion but pink flowers or other red flowers are also perfect for romantic celebrations like Valentine’s Day. If you insist on red roses, a single red rose is a simple yet beautiful and highly appropriate option.