Fresh foliage for winter bouquets

In winter, you will likely find that flowers are not as available as they were earlier in the year. The foliage is very similar as many trees and plants begin to lose their leaves during the autumn months. When you walk outside, everything will look quite bare, with all the dormant trees standing tall and waiting for spring to return. Due to seasonal changes throughout the year, it sometimes means that our local or online florist may not have our favourite flowers in stock. It is therefore necessary to make the most of what is available at that time of year. Now, before you lose hope, remember that there are flowers that bloom in winter and many other flowers are grown in greenhouses and imported to ensure variety. Likewise, even in winter, there are several plants that do not lose their leaves and provide the perfect fresh foliage for winter bouquets.

Fabulous ferns

Depending on where you live and the local weather conditions, you should find different types of vegetation to choose from. Ferns are one of the most popular options of all. They come in various shapes and sizes with blades perfect for various uses. For example, fine ferns can be used to create a base for a hand bouquet. Just add some red and white flowers and you’re done! This type of green is used quite frequently in wedding bouquets. Larger fern fronds can be used to create a backdrop for a triangular-shaped table arrangement. The leaves should be positioned so that they face upwards and, if necessary, can be supported and fixed with bamboo sticks. Once the fern leaves are in place, you can add flowers to your arrangement.

Gorgeous ivy

Another great type of fresh foliage is ivy. Thanks to its soft and flexible stem, it is perfect for use in horizontal bouquets. They can also be used as linear foliage along with some linear flowers. Remember, when using ivy, you should not try to force it to travel in a perfectly straight line. Keep the look of your arrangement as natural as possible by letting the leaves fall as they please. Horizontal arrangements are great for tables and you will only need one bouquet to decorate your table instead of many smaller bouquets.

Traditional holly or mistletoe

For those living in the Northern Hemisphere, Christmas is celebrated during the winter season. Mistletoe and holly are popular fresh foliage associated with this holiday, so if you’re thinking of ordering or making a bouquet for Christmas, you should consider adding one or both. While they add colour, they also have beautiful dark green leaves. However, be careful and remember that holly and mistletoe should be kept out of reach of children and animals as they are not suitable for ingestion and can cause some unpleasant side effects.

If there are any empty spaces among your winter bouquet, you can use magnolia leaves and other similar leaves to fill them. Even though the flowers are not yet in bloom, they are evergreen plants, so they do not shed their leaves during the colder months. Remember that you don’t have to use just one type of fresh foliage in your arrangement. In fact, it is best to include at least two or three different types of leaves in a bouquet.