Top flower choices to dry in autumn and winter

One of the top flower crafts that you can enjoy in the cooler months of the year is drying and pressing. Dried flowers are excellent for use in various arts and crafts. Of course, drying and pressing take time. Plus, you need to make sure that you can get your hands on the flowers you want and this will depend on seasonal availability.

Collecting early

If you collect your top flower choices early, you will be able to gather quite the collection. During the warmer months, you should take a look around your own garden as well as any in your area. Your neighbours might be happy allowing you to pick a few blooms but you should always check first. If you want to hang flowers, you should make sure that they are not too delicate. Tulips, for example, tend to fall apart. As or pressing, flatter flowers are best so you should choose daisies rather than roses. You can also press or dry small blooms like baby’s breath to add to various dried designs.

Favourite aromas

In the winter months, you might be more inclined to dry spices and fruit rather than flowers. Apart from the top flower options for drying, you should consider drying cinnamon sticks, cloves, anise and oranges. These dried spices and fruit are great if you want to make your own potpourri that will fill your home with a truly festive scent. Don’t forget to add some dried flower petals, sticks and berries to the mix.

Colour changes

Remember, some of the top flowers for drying are those that mostly maintain their colour. All flowers, leaves and berries will change colour once they dry. Of course, colours like orange and red will become darker and remain beautiful. Other colours like white, may not look quite as appealing once they dry.

Now that you have some idea of the top flower choices for drying and pressing, you should start collecting! Prepare a flower press using regular household items and store your pressed flowers in airtight containers until the time comes to use them. You can use dried flowers to decorate gifts, for example, and pressed flowers are excellent for decoupage.