Get creative with flower colours

Fresh flowers come in all different colours. Some of which are even two-tone. That said, we do sometimes find that the flowers we love are not available in the colour we want. Blue roses are an excellent example. They are amazing to add to various types of arrangements for a number of occasions but they are simply not available in nature. The good news is that we don’t have to stick to nature’s colours. There are ways of achieving unusual shades that don’t normally exist.

You will need to remember that it is always best to begin with white flowers. This is because they will show off the colour better than blooms that are yellow, pink, or any other colour. If you plan on using food colouring to dye your flowers, you need to ask your florist for flowers that are still in bud form but have just started opening. You don’t want tight buds because they might not open but you also need to give these flowers a chance to absorb the colour. Which means that you don’t want fully opened flowers that won’t last more than a week. To use the food colouring method, you will need to add some water to a vase and add the colouring of your choice. Trim the flower stem and place in the coloured water right away. You can expect the flower to end up lighter than the colour in the vase so don’t be shy when adding the colouring! Add extra to ensure that your flower comes out just right.

If you are looking for a method that’s faster but requires more effort, you can use spray paint. Remember, you don’t use regular paint but rather special spray paint designed for use on flowers and plants. You will need flowers that are completely opened and you should spray them outdoors. It’s important to spray each flower individually and then place in separate vases or even bottles to dry. You don’t want to place them in the same vase because this could cause them to smudge. Once dry, you can put them together. Remember to place them in fresh water as soon as you are done spraying.

The great thing about food colouring is that you can colour several flowers at once. You can also mix your own colours by purchasing all the necessary primary colours. If you want gold or silver, you will need to opt for the spray paint method. Spray painting flowers takes a few minutes to a few hours depending on how many blooms you have. Using food colouring will mean that your flowers will need to rest in the coloured water for at least 24 hours. Keep this in mind when planning your flower dying fun.