Fresh flowers for your living room this summer

Summer is finally here and it will probably fill you with energy and life. The air is warm and everything is so full of life. Most of us have more fun and get out and about during the summer months than during the colder times of the year. If you are the type of person who likes to entertain and have guests on various occasions, then you definitely need to get your house in order. This not only means that it should be clean and tidy, but also that you should decorate your home according to the season. Bring the vibrancy of summer into your home with a bouquet of fresh flowers from your local or online florist. There are no excuses these days, even if it’s last minute. With so many florists offering same day delivery and even free flower delivery, this will save you time and money!

Compliment your decor

First of all, when considering the room you want to decorate with fresh flowers, you should remember the rooms where your guests spend most of their time when they come to visit you. Without a doubt, the most popular room for entertaining is the living room. You have everything from your own TV and sound system to sofas, chairs and tables. There’s more than enough space for snack plates and place for your guests to set down their drinks. You can use the area to catch a big game or sporting event, or you can party all night long to your favourite music. Others prefer a quieter, more intimate relationship with a few drinks and light snacks and a good chat.

Seasonal blooms

Regardless of the type of social event you organize, if you do it during the summer, why not decorate your tables with some fresh flowers? Hydrangeas are great for creating fluffy bouquets without too much hassle or cost. If you really have a thing for roses, then you’re in luck, because summer is when they really come out to play! So they should be cheaper during the summer months as they are in season and seasonal flowers are often the best deals. If your florist is still charging through the nose for your roses, do yourself a favour and shop around.

Other fresh flowers that will bring bright colour to any living space are snowdrops, gladiolus flowers, heather, lilies, and a variety of irises, too. If your tables are small and you don’t want to take up too much space, opt for smaller flowers. They may seem less grand, but you don’t want your arrangements to take up all of your table space when you’re entertaining. Larger flowers should be used in large, tall bouquets that can be safely displayed without getting in anyone’s way. At a table in the corner, for example.