Kendal Primary School create Olympic Flower Garden

Children who attend Kendal Primary School have created an Olympic Flower Garden in honour of the 2012 games and have completed it in time to welcome the Olympic Torch to the town on the 22 June. The children were assisted in creating the garden by their families and members of staff who work at the school.

The flower garden is designed in the shape of the five Olympic Rings and each ring is 4ft 11in in diameter and will contain up to 300 flowers each, the flowers will be of all different species and will definitely add brightness to school in the summer months. The design of the rings makes sure the flowers remain elevated and in full view of students, parents, staff and visitors. The outlines of the Olympic rings are in the shape of wooden poles which were donated by Electricity North West.

The children will care for the flowers themselves with each year helping keep the flowers fresh, bright and in good health.

Parents Dave Hodgson and Guy Domville who work for Electricity North West were the brains behind the idea. On completion they wanted to thank their colleagues at Electricity North West and the community for getting behind the Flowery Rings.

The school have a variety of Olympic based themes going on as well as the Flower garden including a sports day, a talk from one of the local torch bearers and visits from local athletes taking part in the games.

The pupils of the school will endeavour to make sure the flower garden remains in full bloom throughout the games.