Making up with flowers

We all make mistakes and we all hurt our loved ones at some time. The most important thing to remember is that you can always say sorry. Done just the right way, and you will be out of the doghouse before you know it! Remember, you need to send the right flowers to say you’re sorry.

White tulips are the symbol of new beginnings and forgiveness. They are perfect for sending to your loved one when you want to start fresh after a disagreement It’s great for wiping the slate clean and asking for their forgiveness.

Chrysanthemums are the flowers you want to send if you accidentally spilled a secret. They let the recipient know that you will “keep mum” next time around. When making your selection, you can choose cut blooms or potted mums if you prefer. Both will send the right message.

Blue hyacinths represent peace which is why they are the perfect option when you want to smooth things over with somebody you love. Consider them the ultimate peace offering. Snapdragons, on the other hand, are great if you lost your temper and “snapped” and you feel the need to apologise.

Finally, roses are the symbol of love. No matter the colour, they are always a great sign of your affection. Red roses are a romantic gift which makes them perfect for saying sorry to your partner or spouse.

Don’t forget to include a special message in the card. Think carefully about the words you use and how you apologise. It’s all about showing true remorse.